Pray for Evie

This blog is an ongoing journey that begun for our family in 2013, when our two year old baby girl was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. She is too young to tell her story, and hopefully will not remember a lot of what she goes through, but she is such an amazing little girl, who has unknowingly inspired us throughout.

I have always been an avid journal writer. I find it therapeutic and enjoy having an outlet to express emotions, fears, excitement and dreams. I have found particular comfort journaling the past seven months, and the journey that my family and I have been on, and until now, it has been private. My husband read my ‘journey journal’ a couple of weeks ago, and told me I should start blogging my entries. I thought he was being silly at first, and I said to him, ‘who would want to read it?’ But he was being serious, and encouraged me that it was written well, and that people going through similar circumstances would love to read it, that it could be really helpful. I brushed it aside, but he was completely serious, and set up the blog, continuing to plant the idea in my mind. He reminded me how helpful we had found it to talk to people who had gone through what we were facing, and still are.

So feeling a little vulnerable and apprehensive, this is my journey. I hope that it will encourage, help, inspire others, especially who find themselves in a similar situation, or going through a difficult circumstance, and also to share a little glimpse of our story with so many who have been praying for Evie.

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