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Just About There.

We are just days away from Evie finishing her long and gruelling treatment protocol! On Sunday night, she will have her final dose of retinoic acid, and I can’t describe the relief and elation that I will feel!!! As we approach the end, and as I am able to distance myself a little, I stand back and think, did that really just happen? Did we really just live through that nightmare? Sometimes I still cannot believe what we have lived through. Just the other day, I read my blog from the very ┬ástart. I read about the day our world was shattered, reliving every painful moment. I was reminded of some of our darkest days, and as I looked at photos, I realised just how sick our little girl was. There is a small part of me that would like to be able to just wipe away those memories, and blot the last 15months out. However, I am glad I journaled and am able to re-read through the journey, because as I read, I am also reminded of the happy days, the victorious moments, the strength that Evie showed, and the inspiration she was to so many people. I am reminded about the beautiful and countless acts of kindness that were shown to us by family, friends and complete strangers. The prayers that were continually prayed for Evie, especially at times when I didn’t know what to pray. I never want to forget what we have been through, because as long as I remember those very hard months, I won’t take for granted the simple things in life, but I will appreciate them with everything in my being. I will know the strength you can muster when life throws you a curve ball and you have no idea how you are going to get through it. As long as I remember what we have lived through, I will try to show kindness to others, to have empathy and understanding for people traveling a difficult road. I can offer encouragement to those who may have to face a similar journey to what we have just walked, just as people did for us. No, I don’t ever want to forget the last 15months. It’s like the famous saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I can most definitely relate to that saying! A friend shared this photo with me not long ago, and I think this sums it up nicely!


So, what is next? Evie has her post treatment scans booked. She will go under General Anaesthetic for her CT SCan and Bone Marrow Biopsy on Tuesday 4th November, then the following day, she will have an hour and a half MIBG Scan. We are confident that these scans will show no evidence of disease, and they will say she has completed her treatment, and is right to get her central line out. We are desperately hoping that her line can come out before Christmas, as some children wait weeks and weeks to get their line out. The day the line comes out will officially be the end for me! Evie is so excited that she will be able to go swimming, as she hasn’t been able to for 15months, and as it was winter when she was diagnosed, it will be close to two years since she has swum! I cannot wait to see her splash and swim, frolic in the waves at the beach and enjoy being a child again this summer. It will be the best Christmas present I could ask for!




A little vulnerable and apprehensive, this is my journey. I hope that it will encourage, help, inspire others, especially who find themselves in a similar situation, or going through a difficult circumstance, and also to share a little glimpse of our story with so many who have been praying for Evie.
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